When you start researching the cost of wedding flowers, it can come as a bit of a shock, especially if the only experience you have of buying blooms is the odd supermarket bouquet. Even if you tend to spend a bit more, perhaps at your local independent florist, it can still feel like quite a jump.

Floristry is a skill that takes years of practice to perfect. When you purchase your wedding flowers, you’re paying for so much more than the bouquets and arrangements you’re presented with. Here are a few other things included in the price…  

Stems laid out on bench for florist to arrange

Professional Knowledge & Experience

I’ve been a florist for 10 years and I founded Daisy Lane Floral Design in 2012. For me, this isn’t just a hobby, it’s my profession and my greatest passion. I originally went to college for two years to become a florist and then continued training alongside my first full-time job. Years later, I still invest in professional workshops to develop my knowledge and gain new skills. Everything I’ve learned throughout my career goes into creating beautiful floral designs for my clients.

Attentive Customer Service

I work hard to create an attentive and enjoyable customer service experience for all my couples. When you first get in touch, I’ll arrange a consultation where we can chat through what you want. We’ll discuss the style, colours and arrangements you’re drawn to and I’ll offer plenty of guidance and advice.

After our meeting, I’ll create a bespoke proposal. This includes a detailed mood and inspiration board and can take over an hour to prepare. Once your booking has been confirmed, I’ll be in contact the whole time leading up to the wedding to ensure you’re well looked after, and any questions are answered promptly.  

Daisy lane floral design florist tying ribbon around wedding bouquet

Time and Effort

Although you’ll see your wedding flowers for the first time on the day itself, work begins a couple of weeks before when I start preparing the order and working out the various quantities of flowers and foliage needed for your designs.

Once the week of the wedding arrives, I’ll spend time cleaning buckets and making sure they’re ready for the flowers. I’ll also clean any vases you’ve hired for the wedding and prepare any props such as urns, plinths or risers.

I normally pick the flowers up two days before the wedding, but there can be several trips to the market if I need to collect flowers that require extra time to open (e.g. peonies) or any that need to be bought really close to the wedding day because of their short life span (e.g. sweet peas). The market opens at 5am, so it’s always an early start.

Once I’ve collected everything, its back to the studio to condition the flowers. Any leaves that fall below the waterline need to be taken off and thorns must be removed. Each stem needs to be cut at an angle so they can have a good drink.

I’ll spend the day before the wedding creating all the arrangements. On the day itself, I’m awake early making buttonholes, ribboning bouquets, packaging all the flowers and loading everything into my van. I can often have several drop-offs to complete including where the wedding party are getting ready, church/ceremony venue and reception. Some installations need arranging in situ. For a larger set-up, I will normally have a team of florists to support me.

If any floral decorations need moving from the church or ceremony location to the reception, I’ll stay on site to do this, so it can be quite a long day. I’ll be back again the following morning to clear down and collect any items that have been hired. Back at my studio, I’ll clear out my van, wash any hire items and start preparing for the next wedding.

The Cost of Wedding Flowers

As you can see, the cost of wedding flowers reflects the time, effort and expertise that goes into them. I believe they’re worth every penny because they have the ability to transform a wedding, adding incredible fragrance, colour and texture. More than anything, I’m committed to helping you create your dream wedding flowers and I’m always happy to suggest clever, creative ways to make the most of your budget.

Emily x