As the UK slowly reopens and weddings resume, a new chapter is also beginning at Daisy Lane Floral Design. After outgrowing my lovely little studio, I’ve been able to move into a much larger space. I’m still at Clevedon Craft Centre, but I finally have room to create the kind of workspace I’ve been dreaming of for a long, long time.

I’ve got a massive workbench, a beautiful, cosy consultation area, and shelving units to display my many pots, vases and urns. I also have a lovely kitchen area, my own office and a loo! The space is simply amazing, and it makes me wonder how I managed to design so many large arrangements in my old studio. It was so tiny in comparison!

florist workbench
vases and urns on shelving

My Journey So Far…

I first fell in love with floristry one Mothering Sunday while arranging flowers to decorate my parents’ pub. Working busily at the kitchen table, I knew I’d found an ideal outlet for my creativity. Determined to spend my days surrounded by flowers, I threw myself into formal training and spent the next few years gaining experience and perfecting my skills.

Attending college for two years, I studied City and Guilds Level Two Floristry part time while also working in a florist shop. I enjoyed my studies, but I also loved the hands-on experience I gained by being in the shop. I believe this combination gave me the best foundation from which to start my own business.

florist with vases on shelving
display of flowers beside chair

I founded Daisy Lane Floral Design in 2012. I decided on a business name, designed some business cards and set-up a basic website. After advertising my services for smaller weddings, I remember being thrilled when my first enquiry came in.

Initially, I was arranging flowers in the front room at home, but I quickly realised I needed a dedicated space to work from. I’d always liked the idea of working in a rustic barn, so when I stumbled across a studio to rent at Clevedon Craft Centre, I knew it would be the perfect home for Daisy Lane.

Emily Carr Daisy Lane Floral Design
wedding photos on wire notice board

The Next Chapter

My first studio served me well for a long time, but by the beginning of 2020 I knew I was ready to expand. My business has grown and over time the weddings I work on have become larger and larger. I couldn’t wait to move, and I was really excited to start redesigning the space.

As the new studio needed quite a lot of work, I originally planned to renovate over the course of two months ready for a busy summer of weddings. Then COVID hit and everything changed. To be honest, it was a blessing in disguise as it meant I could take my time and get the space exactly how I wanted it. I loved choosing the paint colours for the walls, picking out the perfect flooring and deciding on all the pretty extras I wanted to include.

florist making bouquet

I can’t wait to welcome clients and show off the new studio. More than anything, I’m excited to start using it for its intended purpose – creating beautiful wedding flowers.

Emily x