All-Green Everything

Foliage-only wedding bouquets and arrangements {sometimes called all-greenery} have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Rather than a riot of colour, lush green foliage takes centre stage, creating masses of texture and visual interest. A stylish alternative to fresh flowers, the overall effect is timeless, simple and elegant.   

foliage-only eucalyptus bridal crown and bouquet
foliage-only stair garland wedding flowers

Is a Foliage-Only Wedding for You?

Greenery and foliage come in an array of shades, textures, shapes and sizes. The colour palette may be limited, but the creative possibilities are endless. Some of my favourite foliage to work with is eucalyptus, olive, rosemary, silver birch and beech. Jasmine tendrils look amazing trailing from a bouquet. Ferns, cacti and succulents are also popular all-green choices.

Functioning like a neutral tone, this look will work with a wide variety of colour schemes. So no, you don’t have to dress your bridesmaids in matching shades of green! However, a green-hued bouquet pops beautifully against a crisp white wedding dress.

In terms of overall decor, foliage looks amazing paired with lots of candlelight. Many couples carry the motif through into other decorative details such as wedding invitations and on-the-day stationery. I’ve also seen some incredible cakes decorated with both real and faux sugarcraft foliage.

wedding cake on table surrounded by foliage

A Few Things to Remember…

  • Forgoing fresh flowers can be cost-effective, but some types of foliage are expensive. You also need to use an abundance of greenery to create visual impact, so bear this in mind. Read How to Maximise Your Wedding Flower Budget for more tips and advice.   
  • To avoid a single, flat shade of green, you’ll need to incorporate a range of different hues and textures.
  • Eucalyptus is a popular choice, but the quality isn’t always great during the summer months. If you’re looking for an alternative, salal and soft ruscus look great all year round.  
Foliage for wedding flowers
daisy lane floral design foliage-only wedding bouquets and arrangements

What do you think about foliage-only wedding bouquets and arrangements? Is it the look for you? Do get in touch if you’d like to ask any questions or chat about your wedding flowers in more detail.

Emily x